Our Top Ten Tips for

getting the best results!


  • Get to know your customers and target your advertising to their needs and desires. Use our local knowledge to help you reach the right audience. 
  • Think about your Unique Selling Point (USP) - what makes you different and better than your competitors?
  • Keep your advertising concise and informative.
  • Include an offer or promotion to help capture your customer's attention, give them a reason to buy from you today!
  • The best price doesnt always seal the deal! Consider promoting a buy one get one free offer, a free gift with purchase or a satisfaction guarantee. 
  • Create the right first impression. Make sure you are presenting the image you want to customers, don't be tempted to cut corners! 
  • It is essential to use a reliable distributor with a track record of successfully completing deliveries - dhdistribution has been delivering locally for over 30 years and has many satisfied customers.
  • Become a familiar name to your customers. Our our experience, repeat deliveries to the same customers produces better results than a distribution spread too thinly. Increase customer confidence, for example through 3 deliveries of 10,000 leaflets over a 4 month campaign rather than 1 delivery of 30,000 fliers.
  • Clinch the deal and tell your customers what to do next! "Phone us now", "email for details" or "visit our new showroom"... etc. 
  • The better designed, targeted and distributed your leaflets are the greater your customer response will be. Unlike other companies we only use tried and trusted adult staff to deliver your promotional materials.




If you would like our advice or guidance 

feel free to email us today at info@dhdistribution.com