Door to Door distribution is a cost effective and targeted marketing solution for your business

More and more companies are realising the advantages of marketing their business using door-to-door leaflet distribution. Flyers create Instant Doormat Impact, placing your details directly in the hands of potential customers in the comfort of their own home.


Expenditure on this advertising method continues to grow. Approximately 8 billion leaflets are distributed annually throughout the UK (but this is still less than 5 per household, per week!)  From start up businesses, charities and councils, to multi-national companies, a professionally conducted leaflet campaign gets results for all.


Recent research carried out on behalf of the Direct Marketing Association shows that:

  • 48% of householders have visited a store, bought a product or sent for more information as a direct result of a leaflet drop.
  • 66% of 15 - 34 year olds claimed to have positively acted as a result of receiving a leaflet.
  • 79% of householders claimed to keep, pass on, read or at least look at the leaflets they receive.



A professionally delivered campaign proves to be great value as well as effective. We only invoice you for delivery once we have completed your campaign, therefore the only upfront cost is your printing costs. Printing prices vary considerably according to your needs and quantities, but as a guide, 5,000 good quality, A5 fliers in full colour can usually be printed for less than £100, and 10,000 for less than £150.


Our professionally managed deliveries are always competitively priced, and we often run special offers to provide even better value. Your campaign can be tailored to your specific requirements - targeting potential customers that fit your profile - and maximising your returns from each delivery.



Leaflet distribution

  • Cost effective
  • Targeted to your exact audience
  • Increase customer awareness
  • Secure sales


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Delivering Instant Doormat Impact.