Frequently Asked Questions


What response can I expect?

Obviously there are many variables which all have some bearing on the reaction you will receive from your mailing. The type of business you are promoting - the quality of the flier and information provided - the relevance to a customer of any special offer you are promoting - the timing of the distribution - how targeted the delivery was - all combine to give an overall response rate.

Limited time Special Offers and Prize Draws can attract additional responses as can Free Gifts or other promotions that prompt a reply.

Some businesses can expect to see an immediate impact from their marketing  programme, others will find that replies come in over the following weeks or months - people tend to keep hold of information they feel they may need at some point in the near future. We have experienced both ends of the spectrum, from being told by customers where we have delivered that day! to being asked when we last delivered for a business to an area as they had just had a reply to their mailing - 5 years later!

Customers often need to recognise a company before investing their time and money into it, which is why we usually find that repeat mailings get the best reply rates.

Solus deliveries generally provide the best responses as your leaflet has nothing else to compete with for the householders attention. Obviously choosing a delivery company like ours, with a track record of successfully completed professional deliveries, is also vital to the success of your leaflet campaign. Unfortunately the leaflet delivery industry has like most trades, its share of cowboys, who make big claims but don't deliver the goods - these companies generally do not last long, and potentially run away with your money in their back pocket! We have been delivering locally for over 30 years which proves our commitment to do the job right first time and every time.

So although we cannot give you an accurate answer to how many replies you will receive we can assure you that we will help you to maximise your potential, and provide friendly helpful advise along the way.


Where should I deliver too?

Getting your message to the right target customer is vital to help get the maximum return on your investment. We will work with you to help identify key delivery areas which are relevant to your business. We can offer bespoke services where we deliver to specific roads, property types or any other variable when using our solus delivery method. We also complete blanket coverage of postal areas, towns, or regions, which can often be combined with other non-competing businesses fliers to offer a better value delivery service.


How soon can you start my delivery?

Timescales vary according to business fluctuations, but we always try to accommodate your needs as much as possible, and we have a flexible delivery team to best meet your requirements. We have at times received a call one day, and started delivery the following day when other distribution companies have let customers down. The earlier you book your delivery with us the better so that we can confirm the availability of your delivery dates.


Who delivers my information?

We are a small family run business, we only use trusted family and friends to complete your deliveries. We do not sub-contract work out to other companies or employ unknowns to deliver your information. All our deliveries are conducted by an adult who understands the importance of the success of your advertising campaign, as well us realising they are representing your business when delivering your information.


What about payment?

We are confident that we provide a reliable honest delivery service (having been around for over 30 years) and therefore we do not demand up front payments for delivery. All our deliveries are invoiced on completion or at pre-agreed stages. Payments are due within 28 days of completion / invoice. We accept payments by BACS, cash or cheque.


Who do you deliver for?

We complete deliveries for a wide range of companies and groups, from estate agents to restaurants, from local councils to charity organisations, and from independent local traders to national institutions. Many forms of business and information providers now recognise the role a professional leaflet distribution campaign can play in spreading their message.

Primarily we are a local company working with local businesses.



Email us today at if you have any further questions, we will be happy to help.